Profile of the Office

Paulo Gaboleiro, solicitor, opened his office in 2002. The office’s specialisations extend to the following fields of law in particular: employment and commercial law; contract law; international family law including life partnerships; criminal defences in young persons’ and adults’ criminal law. We also take instructions relating to a large number of other legal fields.

The focus of our work is on asserting your legal interests to maximum effect. To this end you will be individually advised and assisted by Paulo Gaboleiro, solicitor, from when you start to instruct us to the completion of your brief.

As a member of the German Association of Lawyers solicitor Gaboleiro regularly gives legal advice to citizens seeking help at the advice centre run by the Frankfurter Anwaltsverein e.V. at Gerichtsstr. 2, 60313 Frankfurt. Solicitor Gaboleiro also works for the emergency solicitor service in Frankfurter Anwaltsverein e.V.’s criminal cases. In his capacity as mediator at the Frankfurt Solicitors’ and Barristers’ Association solicitor Gaboleiro is also responsible for the out-of-court settlement of disputes.

Firstly co-operation with sworn experts, external notary’s offices and other specialists and sec-ondly ongoing further training guarantee the high quality of legal services that does justice to state-of-the-art legal practice and science.

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