Fields of law

The Paulo Gaboleiro law office operates in the following fields of law:

- Employment law and business law
- International family law and life partner law
- Criminal law
- Inheritance law
- General civil law
- Traffic law, accident damage settlement
- Aliensí law

Employment law and business law

Employment law relating to social insurance law
Employment contracts, including agency contracts, freelance contracts, contracts of service with directors of limited companies, cancellation, mobbing, protection against unlawful dismissal pro-ceedings, warning notices, in-house wage and salary agreements, redundancy scheme, pay-ments by way of settlements, compensation for dismissal, job reference, unemployment and supplementary benefit

Business law
Industrial property law, competition law, warning notices in unfair competition, trademark and copyright law, e-commerce, Internetlaw

Commercial and company law
Commercial agency and authorised dealer law, drafting contracts for general or limited partner-ships and corporations, departing partnersí claims for settlement and compensatio

International family law and life partner law

Divorce, termination of life partnerships, matrimonial property agreements, life partnership agreements, parent and child agreements, adoption, maintenance, child maintenance, matrimonial maintenance, parent maintenance, statutory pensions equalisation, custody proceedings, recognition and enforcement of decisions handed down by foreign courts, including those relating to international family law and child law

Criminal law

Young offendersí criminal law and adult criminal law

Inheritance law
Wills, joint wills, mutual will of spouses, deeds of inheritance, anticipated inheritance inter vivos, family firmsí succession settlements, enforcing claims under inheritance law

General civil law

Contract of purchase including distance contract, brokerage contract, contract for goods and services, loan agreement, donations, e- commerce, Internet law

Traffic law, accident damage settlement

Processing road accident claims, claims for damages, claims for compensation for pain and suffering, compensation for loss of use

Aliensí law

Residence permit, permission to establish a business, expulsion, deportation, visa, EU law, bilat-eral and multilateral conventions

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